The ESL portfolio of services draws on our core capabilities of Energy Engineering, Planning and Management to help public and private sector clients to determine the best way forward with precision and confidence.

Project Services

Our team is proficient in managing projects from concept development, management and finance, through to completion. We produce comprehensive project designs that pass regulatory obligations and optimise cost for the project owners.

Building Energy Management and Audits

A substantial amount of energy is used to meet household, commercial and industrial requirements such as heating, cooling and lighting. Energy audits are a tried and tested way for homes and businesses to identify opportunities to optimise their energy consumption and reduce both their cost and carbon footprint. The ESL team understands the application of energy-use in the design and operation of buildings and lends this expertise to inspect, survey and analyse building energy flows to provide recommendations. ESL energy surveys typically involve a number of services.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

As the human population and demand for energy continue to increase, research has shown a strong interaction between the use of energy, natural resource cycles and climate change. ESL conducts environmental and social impact assessments in accordance with international standards, to help clients to analyse environmental data and develop mitigation and management options to minimise the impact of their projects on the surrounding area or people. Our team of experts contributes to sustainable solutions for several fields.

Energy Economics and Evaluation

The demand and supply of energy is driven by the need to fulfill a set of desired outcomes. Energy is required for many purposes like the production of goods and services, lighting, heating and cooling, and transportation. ESL provides professional design, implementation, management and follow-up services that cover different aspects of the energy industry.

Thermal Energy Generation

As national and global energy demand continues to steadily increase, it is expected that fuels from the oil & gas sector shall continue to make a substantial contribution to power generation. The ESL team is committed to efficient planning and management of viable thermal power generation facilities that enable communities to meet their electricity requirements and has provided design, supervision and management services to thermal power generation projects in Uganda.

Waste Management

Waste Management is an integral part of our daily life, especially with the increase of industrialization in the world today. In order to keep up with the depleting earth resources, ESL supports the concept of the circular economy. This concept encourages reuse and regeneration of waste, as opposed to the traditional disposal. Activities like recycling and waste-to-energy are crucial to the circular economy, and the ESL team understands that these activities are important for the preservation of the planet for future generations.