ABOUT Fortunate Mirembe

Environmental and Social Manager

Fortunate holds a BSc Land Economics degree from Makerere University, and has completed Level 2 of the ACCA program.

As the Environmental and Social Manager at ESL, Fortunate assesses, manages and mitigates environmental and social risks in any project that ESL is involved in. She also integrates her risk management into other departments of the company, including finance and marketing in order to have a fuller understanding of potential risks. She is also responsible for the compliance aspect of her department, as well as applying for renewing and reviewing of all permits and licenses necessary to operate in an environmentally safe energy sector.

Fortunate has over 4 years’ experience in Project Management, Stakeholder Engagement and Management, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Resettlement Action Plan and associated activities. Her experience in the energy sector includes managing small hydropower projects in Uganda through project coordination and management of the various consultants and local staff.