We Know Energy

We are a privately owned, limited company based in Kampala, Uganda offering consulting services in project planning & development, environmental & social assessment, energy economics & evaluation and engineering. Our key expertise is in renewable energy, oil & gas, and electricity transmission & distribution. Our team takes pride in designing, developing and providing efficient and specialized energy solutions that meet regulatory and safety expectations, with limited environmental impact.

Our passion builds on using our expertise to provide professional, financial, regulatory, technical, management and advisory services in the field of energy. We utilise a vast international network of professionals on all our projects, to create value for our investors, partners, employees and the generations of the future.

Our Mission

To be the leading provider of creative and sustainable energy solutions for both the natural and man made environments

Our Values


Our motivation comes from studying people and the challenges that they face, to better understand their needs


Exploring opportunities and creating innovative possibilities is at the core of everything that we do


We only focus on solutions that are both environmentally and socially acceptable


Expert execution at all stages of the project process, in accordance with recommended industry best practices

Our Partners

Hydrosys Consultants Inc.

Montreal, Canada

Hydrosys Consultants Inc. is an employee-owned Canadian company that specializes in small hydropower development. The Hydrosys team is experienced in hydraulics, geotechnical engineering and structures, provision of management services, detailed engineering, and management and supervision of construction. They have participated in over 150 hydroelectric projects with capacities up to 50MW in Uganda, Rwanda, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, France and elsewhere in the world.


Dam Safety, Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation

Hydrosys uses its skills in hydraulics, geotechnical engineering and structures together with their understanding of the specific needs of industrial owners and hydroelectric developers to tailor solutions to the real needs of their clients. The teams’ understanding and experience of the various provincial and International laws and regulations facilitate obtaining the necessary government approvals for construction, rehabilitation or upgrading to the current standards for dams and hydroelectric structures.

Project and Construction Management

Hydrosys offers a complete range of services in engineering, procurement, and construction management that ensure proper documentation, execution and quality of work.

Hydroelectric Projects

Hydrosys possesses both the specialized expertise and multidisciplinary skills in renewable energy to implement hydroelectric projects, and has helped many owners of private and public facilities to analyse the technical and economic feasibility of such projects.

Environmental Studies and Assessments

The multi-disciplinary staff at Hydrosys puts ESL in the forefront to effectively deal with environmental and social aspects of project development, including integrating of environmental and social issues in our projects, as well as developing and introducing effective mitigating measures during the early planning process.