Professional, technical and management services for the natural and built environments

We are a privately owned, limited company based in Kampala, Uganda offering Consulting Services in Project Planning & Development, Environmental & Social Assessment, Energy Economics & Evaluation and Engineering. Our key expertise is in Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, and Electricity Transmission & Distribution. Our team takes pride in designing, developing and providing efficient and specialized energy solutions that meet regulatory and safety expectations, with limited environmental impact.

Developing safe, clean and sustainable energy solutions


What we are working on


Client: Elemental Energy Limited
Date: 2011 – ongoing
Value: $27,000,000

Located on the river Kaku in Kisoro District in South Western Uganda, the proposed scheme is a run-of-river with an intake dam, headrace canal, forebay, penstock, power-house and tailrace canal.

Our Partners

Hydrosys Consultants Inc. is an employee-owned Canadian company that specializes in small hydropower development. The Hydrosys team experienced in hydraulics, geotechnical engineering and structures, provision of management services, detailed engineering, and management and supervision of construction. They have participated in over 150 hydroelectric projects with capacities up to 50MW in Uganda, Rwanda, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, France and elsewhere in the world.

Ecosys Group is the Ugandan subsidiary of Séché Group, a French leading and independent player in the recovery and treatment of all types of waste, from both industry and local communities. Ecosys is uniquely positioned as a specialist in technical risk, at the centre of the regulated waste treatment and recovery markets, which have high barriers to entry. Our facilities and expertise enable us to provide high value-added solutions to our industrial and public authority clients, targeting the challenges of the circular economy and sustainable development requirements.